1. Report of Need Analysis – SMILE

Leading partner:
Universita Degli Studi di Catania
E10208915 – Italy
Time: 01-12-2021-31-03-2022
Languages: English, Greek, Italian, Polish and Swedish

The aim of the report is to analyse the situation of the teachers who have students coming from different cultural backgrounds in their classes and identify the challenges and problems they may face in their daily teaching process, not only in physical classes, but also in virtual classes environments, issue that arises due the covid19 pandemic.

    • Specifically, the need analysis report will focus on their knowledge and indicators of their needs (skills, competencies and educational material) for using music as a pedagogical tool to promote inclusive education.
    • The report will be based on desk and field research done by each partner.
    • The report will review the current situation in order to produce further outcomes, which will be adjusted to the knowledge and needs of the target group and support them most effectively in their teaching.
    • The target group will be primary and preprimary teachers from partners’ countries having students coming from different cultural backgrounds in their classes.
    • The innovative element of the Need Analysis Report is that it examines specifically the teacher’s level of music knowledge as well as their relationship to music and it focuses on their capability in using music for inclusive education.
    • Further, it examines teacher’s digital skills and their readiness to use digital tools in virtual classrooms, a new challenge that teachers face due the Covid19 pandemic.

PR1-A1: Definition of the methodology and action plan. (M1-M2)
The research will be based on statistical analysis and case studies. The Leader partner, UNICT (IT), is experienced in conducting research and will give the guidelines regarding methodology and tools to the partners. They will also establish an action plan which will be finalized after discussion with the partners.

About 100 teachers of preprimary and primary schools are foreseen to participate in this research (about 20 teachers from each partners’ country). An online survey will be used to conduct the research which will be translated into partners’ languages. 

PR1-A2: Data analysis. (M2-M3).

    • Each partner will distribute the survey to teachers in their country and collect the data.
    • Each partner will develop a small report regarding the survey from his country in English language and he will promote the collected data, in English, to the leader partner. 

PR1-A3: Final research report. (M3-M4)
After collecting all data and country reports from partners, UNICT (IT) will prepare the final research report in English. After internal evaluation, the final report will be finalized and translated into the partner’s language.

Working days Viksjöfors:

Report of Need Analysis, researchers 15 days, 3615 E
Report of Need Analysis, technicians  2 days 380 E

Med penningvärdet vid projektstart 21-12-01 är

    • 241 EUR = 2479,96 SEK/arbetsdag för researchers
    • 190 EUR = 1955,16 SEK/ arbetsdag för technicians.

Achievements SMILE

    1. Digital Repository 
    2. Teacher’s Guide on using Music in Inclusive Education
    3. MOOC 
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