The Preliminary Curriculum

A. The first ideas of a rhythm based Curriculum.

The following text, from November 2019 in Coventry, was used in the Viksjöfors spring piloting 2020.

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Section B introduction

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Exercise 10B.  Teachers guides from March 2020, divided into two chapters

Chapter 1 with Activity 1-5

  1. Ch 1, Act 1 Introduction to the Meaning of the Rhythmical Meter
  2. Ch 1, Act 2 Learning to Follow the Team – Dialogue in the Rhythmic Circle
  3. Ch 1, Act 3 Learning to Do Dialogue in Changing and Different Situations
  4. Ch 1, Act 4 The Clock – Learning to Keep up with the Pace
  5. Ch 1, Act 5 Initiation of Dialogue

Chapter 2 with Activity 1-2

  1. Ch 2, Act 1 Introduction to the Body Sounds 
  2. Ch 2, Act 2 The Clock with Sounds from the Body 

C.  The final 3 Chapters – ready in  February 2021 >>

  1. The dialogue through the rhythmical recitation
  2. The sounds of the body
  3. Singing the rhythm with konnakol syllables

D. Video instructions for piloting teachers

We have got 4 videos from Greece with instructions for teachers who want to try The Rhythm4inclusion Curriculum with students. These videos can however not be published here.

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