Piloting in Viksjöfors School

Understanding the idea of what rhythm can add in an educational context.

For individual students in a classroom environment. 

We practiced in January 2020 in grade 5-6, where Helena normally teaches. It is a stable group, but some children have special needs.

Emil Skogh, local musician, performer and teacher, focused initially on the rising of self esteem and inclusion in a group (film 1, 3:08 min.).

Katarzyna Pawlak, leader in Viksjöforsbaletten, joined and they went on with the rhythmic meter and with dialogue (film 2, 4:03 min.).

This text and the other 10 screenshots, in green squares below, were used in our piloting. The filmed steps are our interpretation.


During two weeks in the beginning of May we recorded all 10 rhythmic steps in the preliminary Curriculum. Emil was the leader and Helena filmed the sessions with the school iPad.

Eventually Julia Ehrstrand, originally a Viksjöfors student now an international choreographer, dancer and dance leader, arrived home due to the international Corona restrictions. Julia worked together with Emil and added moves to his base rhythms. These dance workshops were edited into very short extra activity examples.

A full dance film is put at the end. It’s there to show the children’s skills and happiness at the end of the piloting! How fortunate aren’t we to have these close artistic contacts in Viksjöfors school!

The 10 Curricular Activities interpreted in Music and Dance

The Rhythmical Meter – Learning toll Follow the Team (0:53 min.)

Se exercise 2! Practised in a combined workshop.

Introduction to speed and dialogue (1:02 min.)

DANCE 2 (and 1)
Follow the Team, Speed Intro (0:30 min.)

The Clock – Pace Training (1:01 min.)

DANCE 3 (and 7)
Keep the Pace, Speed Game with Body sounds (1:08 min.)

Dialogue through the Clock (0:46 min.)

See exercise 9!

Introduction to Body sounds (0:46 min)

See exercise 8!

Rhythmical Circle with Body (0:49 min.)

Speed Game with Body Sounds (0:34 min.)

DANCE 7 (and 3)
Keep the Pace, Speed Game with Body sounds (2:35 min.)


Clock with Body Sounds (1:18 min.)

DANCE 8 (and 5)
Body Sounds Intro, Circle Game (0:25 min.)

Dialogue (1:28 min.)

DANCE 9 (and 4)
Dialogue (0:48 min.)

Introduction to Pause (0:45 min.)

Pause (0:41 min.)

When we noticed that some film cuts were unused we put them together in the Nr 11 bonus Mix! (2:06 min.)

The Full of Joy Dance movie (3:35 min.)

Teachers guides from March 2020, divided into two Chapters.

Chapter 1 with Activity 1-5

  1. Ch 1, Act 1 Introduction to the Meaning of the Rhythmical Meter
  2. Ch 1, Act 2 Learning to Follow the Team – Dialogue in the Rhythmic Circle
  3. Ch 1, Act 3 Learning to Do Dialogue in Changing and Different Situations
  4. Ch 1, Act 4 The Clock – Learning to Keep up with the Pace
  5. Ch 1, Act 5 Initiation of Dialogue

Chapter 2 with Activity 1-2

  1. Ch 2, Act 1 Introduction to the Body Sounds 
  2. Ch 2, Act 2 The Clock with Sounds from the Body 

Video instructions for piloting teachers

We have got 4 videos from Greece with instructions for teachers who want to try The Rhythm4inclusion Curriculum with students. These videos can however not be published here.

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