Project title: 
Promoting Social, Emotional, and Learning Skills of Students with and without Special Education Needs by Developing Teachers’ Capabilities in Music, Dance and Digital Competences 
Project Acronym: 
Project Agreement Number: 
ID 2018-1-SE01-KA201-039032
Total Budget: 
288030 Euro

The project is organized into three distinct implementation rounds, each one corresponding to one school year. During each one of these rounds, special measures and activities are foreseen and reflected in a project work plan; we have:

- experts in arts integration for inclusion 
- schools and teachers in the project activities.
Set up
- a community of practice to support the continuous integration of new schools and teachers

 Partners in rhythm4inclusion:

    1. LCEducational, education company, Cypern
    2. UCRETE, university, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece
    3. TUC, technical university, Chania, Crete, Greece
    4. Viksjöfors skola, coordinator
    5. COVUNI, university, London/Coventry, UK

In November 2018 in Viksjöfors we had our first project meeting:

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Primary target group:

Teachers and educators, inside and outside the partnership

Secondary target group:

Beyond the teachers taking part in piloting in the partner countries, a major aim of the project was to reach the global education community through intense dissemination campaigns and therefore teachers across Europe. Relevance will be given to dissemination towards:

    • teacher associations
    • teachers networks
    • school authorities
    • advisors
    • curriculum experts
    • education decision makers
    • parents associations and unions

In August 2021 we ended the project with an International Conference in Edsbyn where our results were presented and discussed!

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