All project outputs relate to music. Through them the project aims at fostering multi-cultural skills, social cohesion, respect for diversity and harmonious relationships.

The 6 outputs are:

  1. Scaling-up of MUSILIB Library in Finland 
  2. MUSILIB Soundtracks to the MultiLib stories 
  3. Children’s Multicultural Music Instruments library 
  4. MUSILIB Teacher Video Kit 
  5. MUSILIB by Children – Children’s Multimedia stories inspired by music instruments 
  6. Upscaling of the MultiLib Library into The MUSILIB Library for Children in Europe 
  • The MUSILIB Library The beautiful pictures on this webpage are from the MUSILIB Library, which we unfortunately lost, but you can still use the library at:
  • The MUSILIB Flip Book Library  in all project languages and with sound files for the original language (press the down right corner to turn the pages)
  • The MUSILIB Instrument Library
  • The Set of  Activities, available in all project languages.
  • The Teachers’ Guideavailable in all project languages.

Look at the impressing library and all cultures and languages that are presented:

The following library material is very useful as well, although it was produced for the original MultiLib project:

See more:


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