1. MultiLib Library.

The MultiLib library keeps growing! When the project ended in 2018 we had 24 beautifully illustrated e-books – 12 traditional and 12 modern stories from 12 cultural contexts and in 12 languages:

  • Czech, Turkish, French, Greek, English, and Swedish (languages in partner countries)
  • Armenian, Haitian, Kurdish, Russian, Syrian and Tibetan (languages spoken by immigrants in the partner countries)

Every book can be read in twelve different languages and you can listen to each book in the original language as well as in English.

Enjoy the beauty of the books in the library with all 156 books on the MultiLib Flip Book Platform! 

Output 1 The MultiLib Library was in control of The Mosaic Art & Sound Ltd* but all six partners contributed with 4 books each and with the translation of each book in the library. Unfortunately the beautiful library is lost for others, but the MultiLib Flip Book Platform is still available!

* The Mosaic Art Sound Ltd. was a private company based in the UK. It developed projects in two directions: education/culture and the arts. 
  In the social field, The Mosaic designs and delivered activities to enhance human relationships, both for adults and children, disadvantaged groups and ethnic minorities. 
  In the area of education and culture, it was active in research and applications of music to enhance life at all levels and to integrate foreign language teaching. 
  The Mosaic staff developed research projects and applied the outcomes within formal and non-formal educational settings, through training courses and events.

The artistic illustrations are too big for this website – each book contains 6 illustrations – but below are some examples of our work.

Turkish fairy tale Ahmet ve karinca
Czech fairy tale Otesánek
Syrian fairy tale الراعي الكذاب
  • The Lying Shepherd STORY:

And finally an example of a modern fairy tale from Tibet, in Swedish: Choden

Read about the Swedish artist>> img_2313

These three movies show how the books were made in Sweden and how we worked with the library in a classroom with immigrant children.

Read more:

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