3. Teacher’s Guide

The MultiLib Teachers Guide is a valuable source for teachers to work with the Children’s Activity Set, but also to find their own reasons and expand ways to work continuously on the topics of inclusiveness, multicultural and multilingual experiences, love of reading and embedding the arts into education.

Here it is for printing:

The Guide includes:

1. Scientific background information (in a practical approach).
2. Reasons for embedding the inclusiveness topic in school
3. Guidance on the Multilib library and the children’s activity set
4. Learning-teaching scenarios for implementation (e.g. Time frame; regularity etc.)
5. Specific tips to works with the arts in the classroom
6. Self-evaluation tools for seeing progress or reflecting on the multicultural and multilanguage awareness, sense of inclusiveness, intercultural communication, enhancement of love of reading, and language and artistic skills acquired by the students
7. Transversal competence that children acquire through the Multilib activities
8. Opportunities of working with parents (what information is needed, how to involve them)
9. Reference to other concepts, projects or interesting approaches
10. Online links
11. Information on the project.

All partners contributed  supported by the leading partner Çukorova University.*

Çukorova University is among the major universities in Turkey, and it is ranked at the first 500 in gradation of World's Universities. 
  Çukurova University School of Foreign Languages (YADYO) was established under the name of Centre for Research and Application of Foreign Languages in 1989. 
  With its highly-qualified and experienced teaching staff, YADYO mainly provides an English preparatory program to undergraduate students who will study in English-medium instruction departments at Çukurova University. 
  YADYO was the coordinator of the Lingua 1 project ‘Languages from the Cradle’, and has participated in a number of EU projects including ARTinED, PopuLLar, RETAIN and MultiLib.


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