2. Activity Set

Culture and language activities created around the e-books; The Book of Activities. 

A set of didactic activities based on the MultiLib e-books to enhance inclusiveness, multicultural and multilanguage awareness, intercultural communication, love of reading, literacy and artistic expression in primaryschool children.

To be printed:

The activities include comprehension, creative expression, reflection, task-based learning, collaborative interplay and the use of art forms such as music, dance, visual arts and digital storytelling.  The activities are addressed to both native and migrant students and they are available on the project website (as an OER).

Here Elisabeth tells how she worked with two of the stories:

Each partner contributed to the realization of the activity set. The lead partner* supervised.

* Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky PELICAN, s.r.o provides language education since 2002. PELICAN was the coordinator of the Don’t Give Up project which won a 2010 European Language Label award. In addition to that, PELICAN has participated in a number of EU projects, including successful projects such as aPLaNet, PopuLLar, Multilingual Families, and Pools-3. PELICAN has been mainly responsible for pedagogical aspects of European projects, especially in terms of research, design, and framework of teaching methods, training, and workshops. A particular focus has been on the development of digital, multimedia-rich teaching and learning materials.

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