3. On Line Networking m²-cm

PPR3 – Online Networking and Training

    1. Bring teachers together, among Europe to exchange ideas and practices
    2. Teachers will be educated in an asynchronous environment
    3. Online support during the project + 1 years form music and dance experts
    4. Training will be posted on School Education Platform
    5. Teachers can upload on the platform their own examples after the training
    6. Through the platform there will be access to other PPRs

PPR3 – Online Networking and Training Tasks

    1. Collection of 30 OER (10 each partner)
    2. Development of the content of e-learning platform
    3. Design and development of online modules.
    4. Technical development of the e-course
    5. Evaluation of the modules by a group of teachers, and music and dance experts
    6. Finalization of the online training

What are MOOC and OER?

See picture on top, then consider what the ppt pictures below implicate!


  • Maria D. shows us a Full presentation3.pptx
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