Maths, Music & Creative Movement

The Erasmus+ project application guidelines stress the importance of increased STEM competence in the European Union.

We need more:

    • Scientists, who organize and verify observations and results.
    • Engineers, who focus on theory and design and who, with the help of Mathematics, transform the observations into practical reality.
    • Technologists, who focus on production, maintenance and repair of engineers’ design.

How can increased STEM skills be achieved?

This is the answer from Erasmus+ 2021:

The Arts can – just as Mathematics – be tools for the Scientist and the Engineer as well as the Technologist and the student! The Arts should be integrated in all STEM education!

This is the answer from our Erasmus+ project m²-cm:

In our project, which is based on above guidelines, Music and Dance will be used to consolidate and increase students’ knowledge of Mathematics, in order to prepare them for further studies. At the same time, Dance and Music have an intrinsic value in the project, for the individual student as well as for the security and joy of the group.

We are:

    • experienced educators in the school’s lower stages in Sweden, Greece and Cyprus and
    • experienced educators in Music and Dance in all three countries together with
    • experienced researchers and educators at the Technical University of Crete.

We want to:

    • broaden students’ perceptions of what Mathematics can be,
    • make Mathematics comprehensible to all students,
    • increase interest in Mathematics,
    • strengthen students’ Musical and motor abilities,
    • create creative and safe learning environments and
    • design, test and produce a digital education for teachers where Mathematics , Dance and Music are integrated!

Project start: 2021-11-01.

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