Viksjöfors School has a long history of cooperation with the closest neighbour – Viksjoforsbaletten and its big international network.

During the years 2010-13 the school took part in the big Erasmus+ project ARTin ED.

Inspired by the success with ARTinED Viksjöforsbaletten ran a project 2015-2018, e-ARTinED: A web course for teachers was created with examples  and experiences from our ARTinED countryside school.

The need in 2015 for teaching material in refugee languages inspired us to create the MultiLib projectrun 2016-2018 by Viksjöfors school and 5 partners. We wrote stories in our own language and in some of the languages spoken in our classrooms, altogether 154 books in 12 different languages. The books were illustrated by professional artists. In 2018 that project got an addition by MusiLib (Viksjöfors School 2018-2020).

The Art in Education methods later developed  within the projects ARTinLAN (Viksjöforsbaletten 2018-2020), which tried to find new ways in language teaching and rhythm4inclusion (Viksjöfors school 2018-2021), which had its primary focus on children with special needs. The curriculum and the platform  from the the rhythm4inclusion project is still worth spreading!

Last year 2020-2021 we updated our environmental teaching from e-ARTinED about the Right of Outdoor Access in Sweden: All year we practised outdoors and indoors in Allemansdansen.

One of our ongoing projects is SMILE. The project is delayed and the first meeting will be in Viksjöfors in November 2022. The SMILE project wants to Share the Music for Inclusive Learning in Education.

The other M²-CM Maths, Music and Creative Movement, goes on indeed well:

The Erasmus+ project application guidelines stress the importance of increased STEM competence in the European Union. We need more: 
Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians. 
How can increased STEM skills be achieved?

This is the answer from Erasmus+ 2021: The Arts can – just as Mathematics – be tools for the Scientist and the Engineer as well as the Technologist and the student! The Arts should be integrated in all STEM education!

This is the answer from our Erasmus+ project m²-cm: In our project, which is based on above guidelines, Music and Dance will be used to consolidate and increase students’ knowledge of Mathematics, in order to prepare them for further studies. At the same time, Dance and Music have an intrinsic value in the project, for the individual student as well as for the security and joy of the group.

The movies you see above are made by Jorim van der Wijngaard, whom we met at a non-formal-language-learning course in Armenia 2010. Jorim was later an EVS vounteer in Viksjofors, in the school as well as in Viksjöforsbaletten. He now works with television in the Netherlands.

Many movies on our website are made in cooperation with Josefin Torp. In the film down Josefin used an iPad to document the local event Dance Forum of 2016. Later school grandma Lotten Andersson edited it in iMovie. Here Elisabeth Guthu, talented speaker, parent and teacher in Viksjofors, tells about the school and the project e-ARTINED:


The Swedish Curriculum/Läroplanen
Teaching Curricular Subjects using the Arts:

      1. English/Foreign Language/Engelska
      2. Handicraft/Slöjd
      3. Mathematics/Matematik
      4. Music/Musik
      5. Native Language/Swedish/Svenska
      6. P.E./Idrott
      7. Science/NO
      8. Social Science/SO
      9. Special Education/Specialundervisning
      10. Thematic Work/Temaarbeten
      11. Visual Arts/Bild


      1. DANCE/DANS
      3. MUSIC/MUSIK



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The Erasmus+ projects e-ARTinED ID KA201-01226718, MultiLib ID 2016-SE01-KA201-022101, rhythm4inclusion ID 2018-1-SE01-KA201-039032, MUSILIB 2018-1-FI01-KA201-047196, ARTinLAN ID 2018-1-DK01-KA201-047055, m²-cm ID 2021-1-SE01-KA220-SCH-000032733 and SMILE ID 2021-1-EL01-KA220-SCH-000032762 have been funded with support from the European Commission.  This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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