Project title: 
ARTinED on line; A new approach to education using the arts
Project Acronym: 
Project Agreement Number: 
2015-1-SE01 - KA201-01226718
Total Budget: 
279964 €

Project Partners

  1. Viksjöforsbaletten, coordinator,
    Viksjöfors, Sweden
  2. Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Colodi, cultural foundation,
    Toscana, Italy
  3. The Mosaic Art and Sound, culture and education company,
    London, UK
  4. The Yehudi Menuhin Foundation cultural foundation,
    Brussels, Belgium
  5. TUC, technical university,
    Chania, Crete, Greece

Together we have built a web based course for teachers on: How to use Art in Education, considering Social Inclusion as well as Critical Thinking, and with a special focus on Art in Nature. The work was finished and evaluated in September 2018.

Watch Elisabeth Guthu explaining the project!

Time Table – Our Gantt Chart (What is a Gantt Chart?)

Read more about the e-ARTinED project:

Important Documents 

  1. Budget
  2. Documents from NA
  3. Project Management Manual
  4. Tasks and Responsibilities
  5. The Curriculums
  6. The Erasmus+ Platform
  7. The Swedish Curriculum in English (revised in 2018)

The Swedish Code of Conduct

  1. The Right of Public AccessAllemansrätten
  2. Children’s Rights – Alla barns rätt


FINAL REPORT_28.10.2018_e-ARTinED2018

  1. Background Reports 
  2. Training
  3. Best Practises
  4. Handbook
  5. On line Course
  6. Community Practice

You will find these – and the comments underneath – on all project documents published by us.

e-ARTinED Erasmus+ ID KA201-01226718

This project e-ARTinED Erasmus+ ID KA201-01226718 has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

artinedviksjofors av Viksjöfors Kulturpedagogiska Skola är licensierad under en Creative Commons Erkännande-DelaLika 4.0 Internationell licens.Based on a work atånd utöver denna licens kan vara tillgängligt på

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