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A Global Virtual Village for Languages and Art
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197296 Euro

2021-03-25 the Danish NA wrote:

“The project is relevant and has been carried out with great engagement and has relevant intellectual outputs. It is clear that the participating stakeholders have been working with the content with a high degree of motivation. The intention of boosting approaches to the learning of foreign languages is brilliant and besides having sufficient impact on teachers teaching it also seems to bring about motivation for pupils who are not learning a lot from traditional approaches. This strategy is relevant in multible levels but especially on the local level. The focus on language and arts is based on a documented need.

The project has been designed with a high degree of details and there has been chosen relevant and aims in the project. A lot of effort has been put in keeping the project on track and factors that could put the project under pressure has been handled with great care and expertise. More details about how the learned is going to become an integrated part of the stakeholders practice on the long run could have been shared. It is less clear how the field is going to develop and evolve over time and accross contexts from now on. Since the project has led to great experiences it is suggested that clear and motivating plans related to this is made.

It is the impression that the team has been well coordinated and all activities has been carried out professionally. Practical issues has been dealt with ad hoc, budget controlled and meetings held accoordingly to the plans. Some delays are described but by taking care of this proactively this was also handled with great professionalism. The team has made efficient use of the differences in competencies in order to carry out the project.

As mentioned above more details about how the learned is going to become an integrated part of the schools practice could have been shared. But impact is described to especially relate to the participant professionals and the involved children. This is also the project objectives. An online event was planned and carried out. 50 participants learned from the experiences from the project. There could have been a more heavy weight on the aspects related to evaluation. More details about this issue could have shared”.

Read more from the Danish NA:  V-Pal Final-report

The  project was based on the successful e-ARTinED project  which offered a web course as well as a web based community for teachers on how to teach curricular subjects using the Arts. In ARTinLAN we focused on Language teaching. Here is how lead partner Vejle in Denmark explains the project:

Partners in ARTinLAN:

  1. Üniversitesi/Çukurova University YADÝ, Adana, Turkiet
  2. The Mosaic Art and Sound, Culture and Education Company, London, UK
  3. Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zloušky PELICAN, language school, Brno, Tjeckien
  4. Viksjöforsbaletten
    Our new partners:
  5. Vejle kommun in Denmark, coordinator
  6. Spoleczna Akademia from Poland.

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