1. MultiLib Library.

24 beautifully illustrated e-books, 12 traditional and 12 modern stories, in Czech, Turkish, French, Greek, English, Swedish and 6 languages spoken by migrants in each partner country. And then translated into all the other partner languages. Here is one link to the library, still in progress>>

You can choose language for listening and for reading. Here is a link to the MultiLib platform  with the full library, more than 156 books!

Below are some examples of our work

Turkish fairy tale Ahmet ve karinca
Czech fairy tale Otesánek

Syrian fairy tale الراعي الكذاب
  • The Lying Shepherd STORY:

And finally an example of a modern fairy tale from Tibet, in Swedish: Choden

All large artistic pictures , but the Little Stubby above, are stored on Dropbox.img_2313

Because of the language versions (the partners’ language), the Library comprises 156 e-books (144 which are the 24 books in 6 language versions  plus 12 books in the original language spoken by the immigrants involved in the project).   The Library is an open education resource (OER) available on the project website.

The stories contained in the books reflect elements of the culture of each country.  There are two children’s stories per country: one represents a traditional story, one the most popular in the country and the other is a contemporary story written within the project. Each story is in the original languages and translated into the other partners’ languages. Thus, as explained above, the Library comprises 6 language versions of the 24 e-books and 12 e-books in the immigrants’ language. This unique OER is downloadable free from the MultiLib project website.

At the kick-off meeting the partners identified the primary schools and the groups of migrants to work with. These were reached through the schools (i.e.  students’, parents) or through local associations working with immigrants.

Criteria and guidelines for the stories and to work with the target groups have been agreed. Meetings for cultural exchange with the group of immigrants involved followed. Once the stories were written, the partners contacted picture artists. The Library is an Open Education Resource (OER) on the project website. The lead partner supervised the Output action plan.

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See how far we have reached – the library keeps growing – on our project web site>>

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