5. OER Templates

Templates are uploaded on the project website for all those who will want to add their own children’s stories to the project or to upload additional children’s activities.

Here it is:

Here is the Swedish translation:


Once Output 1 and 2 (The MultiLib Library and MultiLib Children’s Activity Set) will be ready, the partners will discuss on criteria and rules of participation to invite the global community to share additional children’s stories  and  children’s activities to the project.

P6 (TUC), P1 (Viksjöfors school) and P2 (Mosaic) will prepare the Templates, in February 2018, to be filled by those who will want to share new stories or activities. These will be reviewed by the partners and prepared for the website.

Each additional item, complied on the right template and sent to the project by anyone interested, will be reviewed by P1, P2 and P6, approved according to the agreed criteria, and uploaded on the project website.

This activity will contribute to the collaborative learning of project as a whole.

The partners will then be ready to create and organize local Teacher Training events to spread the resources to interested multipliers (E1-2-3-4-5-6).

An International Conference (E7) is envisaged in Brussels. The lead partner, the IYMF, has a long-term experience in the organization of conferences, round-tables, cultural events in Brussels, attended by authorities and policy-makers at European level. All partners will work on dissemination of the Conference. Parts of the Conference will be filmed and streamed on the project website for a global audience.

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