4. Best practices


Teachers and artists from the participating organizations met in Belgium for a summer work shop in July 2017 to make the selection of best practices.

The Output leading partner IYMF has designed the template for the e-ARTinED case studies. The Swedish partner has used the template for three presentations of Sweden’s Best Practices:


The Swedish Outdoor Access Rights combined with the Convention of Children's Rights fit perfectly well, as can be seen in our three connected best examples, with the Swedish Curriculum and with the two e-ARTinED themes: Social Inclusion and Nature through the Arts; to Experience Nature as well as to Protect Nature.

Read the full presentations here:

  1. Sweden e-ARTinED Good Practice 1.1  Waste Sorting and Recycling
  2. Sweden e-ARTinED Good Practice 1.2  The Outdoor Access Rights and the Convention of Children’s Rights
  3. Sweden e-ARTinED Good Practice 1.3  Sustainability and Recycled Art in Nature

Report Output 4. Good examples from Swedish Practice
The report has 3 appendixes here:

  1. Appendix 1 Mini Musical about our Environmental Waste Separation
  2. Appendix 2 English translation Songs Waste Sorting
  3. Appendix 3 Two Good Examples A comparison with quotes from the national curricula

Output 4 should be finished in project month 25, which means in September 2017. Here is a link if you want to join us in the community and/or take part in the course.

Look at the Swedish TEACHER’S GUIDES (in English!)

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Time table/Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart e-ARTinED
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