Project title: A Global Virtual Village for Languages and Art 
The Project Acronym: ARTinLAN
Number: 2018-1-DK01-KA201-047055
Total Budget: 197296 Euro

The  project is based on the successful e-ARTinED project  which offered a web course as well as a web based community for teachers on how to teach curricular subjects using the Arts. In ARTinLAN we focus on Language teaching.

We have some new partners:

The Municipality of VejleVejleDenmarkour Coordinator, and the Spoleczna Akademia, Lenz – Poland

Some partners from e-ARTinED and MultiLib are not in this project: TUC, FNCC and IYMF. But we keep up our cooperation in MUSILIB with TUC and IYMF and with TUC in rhythm4inclusion as well.

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